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MARCH 2020

Crediton Youth Football Club has currently ceased all football related activities, as per the Government and FA guidelines. This decision was effective from Tuesday the 17thof March.

Firstly, I hope that all of our young players and their families are in good health, and get through these unprecedented times for not only ours, but many generations before lifetimes. At times like this the cancellation of football becomes a minor inconvenience compared with the impending health issues the country, and worryingly our community is potentially going to face in the coming weeks and months. This communication to keep all players and parents informed of what Crediton Youth is planning to do to get through this difficult times.

Our first and most important priority is too keep all of our players as safe as possible, hence ceasing activities following the advice of the governing bodies, and we plead that you as parents also ensure that you enforce the guidelines. The more that follow the guidelines, hopefully will reduce the effect of this terrible virus. We know it will be difficult to tell children they should not and cannot go out and playing football, meeting and interacting with their friends, but it is a necessity to stop this terrible virus from spreading.

Membership Fees

Player subscriptions have been reduced down to£0 already this week, in order to assist any families that may be struggling going forward. Please do not cancel your direct debit as it is a time consuming process to set them up again. Should any funds be taken by accident from any parent, these will be refunded. The club is in a stable financial position, but the loss of the 2 months minimum membership payments will affect the clubs plans going forward, especially if we are unable to hold our annual 6 a-side tournament. This ceasing of activities will affect Crediton Youth FC just as it would any other business. We understand there will potentially be financial hardship ahead for many.

Any who wish to complete their annual subscription should contact your coach or Sabrena Philp, in order to reinstate the value, or any value you wish to pay.

Club Training & Matches in 2019/20 Season

The club cannot see any option but assuming that the current seasons training and matches are cancelled.

6 A-Side Tournament

We are still going ahead with our plans to hold the 6 a-side tournament on the 13th&14th of June 2020. Should, as expected these restrictions still be in place it is our intention to postpone the tournament to a later date in the summer. Currently we have had no major expenditure towards the event. We have been extremely grateful for the messages of support from some sponsors who have said that even if the tournament is cancelled they will still donate the monies pledged. Many thanks to these local people and companies.

Club Presentation Event

Even though will do not expect to complete this season it is still our intention to host the Presentation events as per previous years. We as a committee believe it is important to keep as much normality in our young players lives as possible, and also to ensure they have a reward / memento from this season. These events, medals and trophies are another cost the club will bear, with potentially no income, but we are committed to ensure the club continues as per previous years. Obviously the dates for these events will depend upon restrictions being lifted.

Going Forward

The most important thing at this current time is all of our health and getting through the months ahead. We realise that Crediton Youth FC is not a priority, but rest assured we will be working as hard as we can to ensure that the club will be ready as soon as the restrictions allow us to continue footballing activities for your children and young adults.

When we are allowed to resume football activities we will be looking for support from parents to get us back to where we need to be, this support will be needed for fund raising events, pitch and ground maintenance as well as supporting the coaches of your child's football teams. Please remember the coaches are also going through tough times with uncertainty regarding work, income and their family's health, as well as trying to re-establish the sides they currently operate so well.

We as a committee will keep you informed as the next few months unfold, which currently none of us can predict. Please keep yourselves and your children as safe and healthy as possible, and we look forward to being able to see you all as soon as this dreadful situation improves.

Wishing you all and your families the best of health.

Many thanks for your support.

Crediton Youth Football Club Committee

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