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Crediton Youth FC
10th-11th June

What a fantastic tournament we've had at Crediton Youth this year.

You never know with the British weather, how it will go...the rain on Saturday didn't seem to hinder play too much but the sun soon returned for the rest of the weekend!

Each age group winners and runners up are listed on our news page.

Results may not have gone everyone's way but it was a great experience for all involved and the enjoyment a weekend like this brings, is what it's all about.

There are so many people to thank and recognise...

💙Whether you're a player, coach, supporter, ref, sponsor, supplier or volunteer.

Each and every one of you plays an important part, without that support and the roles we all play, this weekend would not be a success.💙

THANKS to every single one of you!


We hope to see you again in 2024.

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2018 tournament: Meet the Coaches
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