Parents/ spectators have a great influence on children's enjoyment and success in

football. All children play football because they first and foremost love the game - it's
fun. It is important to remember that however good a child becomes at football within
your club, it is important to reinforce the message to parents/ spectators that positive
encouragement will contribute to:

• children enjoying football
• a sense of personal achievement
• self-esteem
• improvement in the child's skills and techniques.

A parent's/ spectator's expectations and attitudes have significant bearing on a child's
attitude towards:

• other players
• officials
• managers
• spectators.

Ensure that parents/ spectators within your club are always positive and encouraging
towards all of the children, not just their own.

Encourage parents/ spectators to:

• applaud the opposition as well as your own team
• avoid coaching the child during the game
• not to shout and scream
• respect the referee's/ coach's decision
• give attention to each of the children involved in football, not just the most talented
• give encouragement to everyone to participate in football.

Ensure that parents/ spectators within your club agree and adhere to your club's
Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.

Taken from The Football Association Club Coach handbook.

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