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Club Philosophy

 Below is a brief overview of Crediton Youth’s main objectives, Ethos & Coaching Philosophy; 



• Lead the way in instigating and sustaining FA Good Practice guidelines throughout the club 

• Provide football in a safe & friendly environment, with qualified and certificated coaches. 

• Provide age appropriate training. 

• Support the development of our coaches and players to their full potential 

• Regularly update parents on events & activities and be open to discuss player issues and/or concerns. 

• A policy of player rotation and equal playing time where possible to be promoted. 

• Striking the balance between inclusion and team / player progression where possible. 

• Promote good behaviour by all and respect for others. 

• Develop the relationship with Crediton United and promote our U18’s football to provide an extra stepping stone from youth to adult football. 

• Retain players and provide a sustainable link from youth to adult football with Crediton United. 

• Continue to develop and grow the girl’s section of the club. 

• Continue to develop the playing surfaces and facilities, consider another 11v11 pitch, invest in new equipment. 

• Seek funding for improvements wherever possible. 



• Coaches to do at least the FA level one / playmaker training programme, with Licensed Coaches Club registration and ongoing training. 

• Responsible for team selection and player safety. 

• Attend regular managers / committee meetings to discuss club development, any problems, etc 

• Understand and follow club policies 

• Always have child welfare as a prime consideration 


Parent/Carer & Spectators 

• To respect managers/coaches decisions. 

• Support coaches on match days & help where required. 

• Follow protocol and code of conducts. 

• Parents Reps to be encouraged. 

• To actively get involved in club events & fundraising. 

• Support and encourage, not only their own child, but everyone within the team. 

• Responsibility to ensure children arrive on time at training and matches, with the correct equipment and in a healthy state to participate. 

• To take any grievances and issues through the correct channels – i.e. Child Welfare Officer or Club Official. 


• Provide age related training, ensure inclusivity and ensure consideration of differing levels of ability and physical limitations 

• Develop players who play with a sense of freedom, fun, fairness and fearlessness. 

• Develop players who are excellent decision-makers both on and off the ball 

• Develop players who take responsibility for themselves and their teammates 

• Encourage to work to the FA 'Future Game Playing Philosophy' 

Teams and Playing Ethos

Mini Football (U7 to U10): 

• These age groups are about developing players and teaching the basic elements of the game in a friendly and non-competitive basis. 

• Extremely important to realise the development and capability of children within these age groups will differ vastly. 

• Focus to be on inclusivity and equal game time wherever possible. 

• Encourage open play and allow players to experiment and learn. 

• Encourage players to try different positions. 

• Crediton have facility for 2 in No. teams per age group, suggested overall squad size of 22-26 

U11 & U12: 

• These age groups are a stepping stone from non-competitive mini football to competitive full-size football. 

• It is also extremely important to realise the development and capability of children within these age groups could still differ vastly, even more so in physicality. 

• Focus to be on developing players understanding on more of the technical and tactical aspects of the game 

• Games will become more competitive and therefore coaches will begin to select players for match days (dependent on squad size) 

• Crediton currently have facility for a maximum 2 in No. teams per age group, however there is a possibility that only one team will be run in these age groups. Suggested overall squad size of 16-18 per team. 

U13 and above: 

• These age groups are competitive and played on full-size pitches. 

• Focus to be on further developing players understanding on more of the technical and tactical aspects of the game, whilst providing specific coaching to improve players ability in their selected position 

• Coaches will select players for match days from the squad 

• Through these age groups, our aim is to have the teams playing in division one football, this to produce competency of players who will be suitable for onward development with Crediton United. 

• Crediton currently have facility for a 1 in No. team per age group, therefore the squad size will be limited, suggesting maximum being 18-20. ​

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